Having worked on 24 Hollywood film scoring projects over the past few years I have discovered and learned several advanced ways of expediting, simplifying and enhancing numerous aspects that run the gamut of the film music process.

Writing and producing music is only one part of a complex and multi-faceted procedure. Though I have penned quite a few tips regarding composing and mockups, there are many other extremely important sides to the business as well. Some of the other topics I discuss in this book are demos, managing and scheduling projects, orchestrating for maximum dollars, preparing and planning recording sessions, running recording sessions, conducting and much more.

Why am I qualified to do this? Because I was chief assistant, orchesrator and project manager for several high profile Hollywood film scores composed by scoring-giant, Christopher Young.

Working in the “real world” at the Hollywood level, allowed me to experience problems and solutions that I had no idea existed. Learning about this whole new world of professional film scoring really opened my eyes because I had read pretty much all the film scoring books I could get my hands on. I was surprised I hadn’t uncovered these topics and issues in my digesting of film music books over the years. So this book is my answer to that.

112 HOLLYWOOD-INSIDER FILM SCORING TIPS is designed for three types of composers:

Composers Living In Los Angeles
Composers Going To Or Considering Moving To Los Angeles
Composers Not Living In Los Angeles

Firstly, if you are a composer living in Los Angeles you need to be ahead of the curve. Trends are constantly changing and you can’t afford to be left behind. The better and deeper your understanding of how the complete film scoring process works, the more you will improve your chance at succeeding and executing when an opportunity arises.

Secondly, if you are living elsewhere and are thinking about or planning on moving to Los Angeles , you need to hit the ground running when you get there. You want to acclimate yourself to the community and Hollywood conventions as soon as possible. Why reinvent the wheel? The more you can learn from someone else’s experiences the more time and energy you save by not having to go through it yourself. It also enables you to take a shortcut on your journey to film scoring success.

Finally, if you are living in other parts of the United States, or even in other countries, insider knowledge of Hollywood film scoring can help you be more efficient and effective with your own projects and will also help you be perceived as more experienced and professional in your local film scoring community.

If you read and enjoyed my first book, FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE SCORING STAGE, you will love this book. The pages are bursting with information.

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